Lee County & Carolina Trace CERT
Fellow residents, you are probably aware that in case of an emergency or natural disaster, first responders and emergency services could be overwhelmed by demands for help. However, help can be provided by CERT, the Community Emergency Response Team. CERT is an all-volunteer force of local residents. We are here to augment, when needed, the local first response personnel and emergency services staff, to ease the workload by providing support in the tasks they specify, to allow the primary service providers to more easily meet the needs of the community.

CERT training is not difficult. Initial training takes only two weekends of your time: two Friday evenings, and two Saturdays. Classes include Fire Safety, Disaster Preparedness, First Aid, Search & Rescue, and much more. Nothing taught is difficult for most people, regardless of age or ability.

Training is provided through Central Carolina Community College’s Emergency Services Training Center and is free of charge to Lee County residents at least 18 years old.

The next CERT Training cycle will be in March 2020: March 6th (Friday) from 6-9 PM, March 7th (Saturday) from 8 AM-5 PM, the following week on March 13th (Friday) from 6-9 PM, and finishing up on March 14th (Saturday) from 8 AM-4 PM.

Additional classes are provided throughout the year with topics like:
  • CPR
  • Ham Radio Basics
  • Drone operations
  • Personal Safety

We invite you to join the team and be ready to help your neighbors should a disaster of any kind take place!

For further information, please see the contacts on the "Committee Contacts" page!