Our Mission

1. A homeowners association ensures that the collective rights and interests of homeowners are respected and preserved.

2. A homeowners association is the most local form of representative democracy, with leaders elected by their neighbors to govern in the best interest of all residents.

3. A homeowners association provides services and amenities to residents, protects property value, and meets the established expectations of homeowners.

4. A homeowners association will succeed when it cultivates a true sense of community, active homeowner involvement, and a culture of building consensus.

5. Association homeowners have the right to elect their community leaders and to use the democratic process to determine the policies that will protect their investments.

6. Association homeowners choose where to live and accept a contractual responsibility to abide by established policies and meet their financial obligations to the homeowners association.

7. Association leaders protect the community's financial health by using established management practices and sound business principles.

8.Association leaders have a legal and ethical obligation to adhere to the association's governing documents and abide by all applicable laws.

9. Association leaders seek an effective balance between the preferences of individual residents and the collective rights of homeowners.

10. Association leaders and residents should be reasonable, flexible, and open to the possibility -- and benefits -- of compromise.

The Board of Hidden Lake strongly believes that adhering to these basic fundamentals helps in Creating Caring Communities.